The best of many worlds.

We’ve combined platform technologies, customer-centricity, and community thinking, to create an option that’s cheaper, more efficient, flexible, and 100% transparent!

Tech makes it cheaper

Did you know that usually only half goes to the translator, when you outsource localisation work? The other half goes to the agency for handling.

We’ve tipped the scale by automating manual workflows, so you’ll only pay a small fee to use the platform – the services are at cost price.

You’ll save 30-50% compared to standard agency rates, without having to compromise quality and service.

Always the best match

It really wouldn’t be fair to expect a human project manager, to know and stay up-to-date with thousands of language specialists.

But that’s exactly what you get from automation and AI.

We’ll navigate skills, experience and performance ratings, to find the perfect match for your project – every time.

Tech makes it better

You can’t really talk about quality without saying “technology”.

We’ve integrated best-in-class software as a core part of our platform, so you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits.

Combine that with top language specialists and you get better quality, faster turnaround and lower cost.

Designed for you

We don’t know anyone who loves spending time on manual handling. So, we’ve designed the platform to make it easy for you to manage all your localisation projects – and we’re open 24/7.

You’ll easily set up new projects, browse your archive, manage terminology, access tools and communicate with specialists.

It’s all automated

Well, that’s actually not true – our friendly support team is 100% human.

But other than that, everything runs automatically. From project management to payment, handling, and workflows.

Why? Because it’s efficient, reliable, flexible, and scalable.