Why even communicate in different languages?

Because it makes sense. Being local creates a stronger brand, trust, better understanding and boosts sales. It’s an investment – not an expense!


So, is LingoOwl really different?

We’ll let you in on a secret; we’re not really language experts. We leave that to the actual experts – the top translators, proofreaders and editors we work with.

Our speciality is automation, powerful communities, platforms and delivering best-in-class user experience. So, we won’t claim to deliver much better quality than our colleagues. But we’ll claim to deliver equally good quality at much lower cost, with more flexibility and full transparency.

Add a friendly and dedicated support team to the ingredient list and you get….LingoOwl!


How do I join?

That’s as easy as 1-2-3. You’ll find the link on the front page and we’ll guide you all the way.


What do you mean by cost prices?

That’s the amount that’s paid to the language specialist.

Usually, you’re just given a rate per word. But that doesn’t tell you how much you’re paying for the actual work, and how much is for handling. With us, you get an exact overview of costs. We actually think it’s about time this industry commits to more transparency.


Who are the language specialists?

They’re all native speaking freelancers who are carefully screened and profiled according to their linguistic and professional expertise.


Why do you use freelancers?

It simply offers much more flexibility and enables us to find the perfect match for your job.


How do you ensure quality work?

It’s actually a mix of various measures.

With today’s technology, quality is often less about grammar and spelling and much more about understanding your product, business, customers and markets.

With the help of AI, we’ll find the best match for your job, based on the specialist’s knowledge, experience and performance.

By using native speakers you get someone who is natural in communicating with your customers. That’s a major key to local branding of your business.

The built-in technology is designed to streamline your communication. It’s all part of creating a strong brand and corporate identity – in all your supported languages.  

Last not but least, we’ve put a lot of effort into creating easy and efficient ways to communicate and share information with your chosen specialist.


What can I do to get great quality?

Knowledge is key. When you create a new project, we’ll ask you for some details to better understand how you want to communicate.

And it’s even better if you can throw in reference material or a short briefing.


What’s inside my account?

Basically everything you need to manage your localisation needs.

From here, you create your projects. You also have a full overview of ongoing and completed projects, financial insight and an easy-to-use communication platform.

And of course, everything is designed to minimise administration – we’re quite sure you have better things to do with your time.


What if I’m not satisfied with the work?

Then we’ll have to make sure that you will be. We’ve created a very simple process for reviewing your project and for the specialist to update and correct.


How do I pay?

That’s also something we’ve made really easy for you. We’ve implemented one of the best and safest online payment solutions.


What if I need help?

Then we’re here for you.

It seems people don’t really love those infinite phone switchboard loops after all – who could’ve known?! So instead, we suggest you catch us through our chat. That’ll take you directly to the person who can help you solve your problem.

We’re there all weekdays 9-17 CET and we respond as quickly as possible. If we’re away, just leave us a message and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

Naturally, you’re also welcome to drop us an e-mail.