People make the world go round.

We use technology to make it better, faster and cheaper. But it’s all tied together by people.

Our manifest


We automate. We automate manual processes to make them better, faster, cheaper, and more efficient.


We connect. We’re a seamless link and we find the absolute best match for each job.


We support. Systems, workflows, and features are only valuable if they’re used. We’re dedicated to helping all our users get the most out of our platform and services.


We’re transparent. We’ll share as much relevant info and insight as possible and make it easy for users to communicate and share knowledge.


We listen. We develop our product and services based on feedback and needs from users. Feedback is a gift!


We stay curious. It’s in our DNA to challenge everything. To stay sharp, we continue to question our own solutions and ideas.


We’re fair. We can’t avoid misunderstandings and disagreements. But we’ll always focus on fairness and lasting relationships.

The lingoowl team

Sune Angermeyer

CEO & founder

Christian Jul Jensen

Partner & founder

Per Olesen

Partner & founder

Nanna Winkel

Customer success